Create Competition and Make More Sales

Do you want to make more sales? Give us 30 minutes. Just one 30-minute demo will increase your sales by 30%, and create a unique competition amongst your sales team.

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Make More Sales

The more competitive your sales team is, the more money you will make. The majority of sales software just tracks sales. Make More Sales literally does what it says… it helps you make more sales. How?

  • Precise tracking of leads from start to sales

  • Create a competitive environment for your sales team with a gamification component

  • Rather than have 10% of your sales team create 90% of your sales, create more top sales people 

  • Help your bottom performers become top performers with precise tracking and training 

  • Have your sales team practice sales so they can get better without losing potential great leads

  • Share real-time information for successful sales so you can develop a more collaborative sales team 

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Healthy Competition for Increased Sales

About the Software

Engagement Hub
Marketing Automation

Automate the tasks that salespeople hate while building long lasting relationships and creating end to end engagement. End game: Increase revenue and maximize efficiency while giving your sales team bragging rights!

Sales Intelligence
Customer Acquisition

Forget the AI marketing hype, it’s all about SI: sales intelligence. Instrument your sellers, optimize your buyers, optimize your sellers, then build your SI into your own approach simply and efficiently without the risk.

Inbound Sales Training
Digital Sales Process

Out with the old in with the new! No longer chase your leads, get them to come to you while making the most of your enquiries.

Close That Deal
Sales Tools 2.0

Articulate the business value of what you are offering, share examples of client before and afters, slow down and build the relationship, then help them connect the dots about what they are doing and what they COULD be doing!

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$5 Per Month


* Scoreboards Desktop and Mobile

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$10 Per Month


* Scoreboards (Desktop and Mobile)

* Training (Desktop and Mobile)


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$20 Per Month


* Scoreboards (Desktop and Mobile)

* Training (Desktop and Mobile)

* Marketing (Desktop and Mobile)