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Dale Gaucas

Founder of Eves Associates

Meet the sales machine

Best-in-class, integrated business tool to

boost sales and achieve goals faster.

We’ve taken the strategies of The World’s Fastest Growing Sales teams
and built it into the platform for your business to plug and play.

You’ve reached your quota 3 Months ahead of schedule!


Finally, your very own

Sales Machine!

Strategize. Execute. Measure. Repeat.

Less Churn And Turnover, More Results!

39% of employees feel underappreciated, while 77% would work harder if they feel recognized.

Effectively reduce turnover, drive inspiration and reward staff to get the best out of your teams with an automated rewards system that you control.

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Total Clarity On Resources And Opportunities

Poor operational decisions cumulatively costs organizations 3% of profits or more.

Identify weak links in your organization at a glance.

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Accountability, Without The Drama

82% of managers acknowledge they have “limited to no” ability to hold others accountable successfully.

Boost stellar accountability among your team from the bottom to the top.

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360 Organizational Alignment, Unlocked!

Businesses lose an average of $109 million for every $1 billion invested due to lack of alignment.

With The Sales Machine, nothing gets lost in translation. Every team gets members on the same page to meet goals faster.

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Goals and Performance Management

Efficiently Manage, Track, Measure, and Align Teams or Individuals by creating and setting up Goals using Data and Metrics from our Solutions.

Metrics and Visualizations

Visualize and Analyze Data from our Solutions to easily make better Tactical, Operational, or Strategic decisions.

Levels of Development, Rewards, and Recognitions

Provide every member of your organization with a clear vision of where they are and where they are headed in their careers by setting up their Levels of Development integrated with a Rewards and Recognition program.

Competitions and Challenges

With “Gamification” embedded in the platform, create competitons between teams or individuals using Data and Metrics from our Solutions.

Loved By

“In just 1 month of implementing the system, my ROI has been a whopping 131%. My company revenue has grown 25% in just 1 month!”


Founder, RNT Enterprises

“We’ve gone from 20 sales people in our business to over 80 sales people. In just 6 weeks. In 90 days, we’ve made an increase of 120,000 pounds in profit!”


Owner, Eves Associates

“After implementing The Sales Machine, I am now on track to making an addition $500,000 in profits this year!”


Country Head, Optimo Singapore

“If you want to scale your business and do it the right way, then you really need a powerful engine and proven system. No one does it better than The Sales Machine”


Trainer Coach & Leadership Consultant

“After using The Sales Machine for 12 weeks, our weekly average has gone from RM13,000 to RM45,000. On top of that, my team grew from 7 to 23 people!”

Tan Kin

Automotive Division Malaysia

“Before The Sales Machine, I struggled with average performance. But now, I have a clearer picture of what I need to work on. My people have become more efficient, I am happier, and most of all my sales grew 259% in 12 weeks!”


Malaysia, Healthcare Division

“It’s been a constant challenge for me to retain my sales team. After using The Sales Machine, I have better rewards & recognition system among my team. As of today, my organisation just broke a RM45,000 weekly record!”



“I wish I had The Sales Machine 10 years ago! After using this platform, I started to have a clear and focused direction for my company. Growing my business has never been easier & predictable.”

Muhammad Din

Health and Leisure

“Before The Sales Machine, I couldn’t keep track of the production of my guys on a constant basis. Now, I’m empowered to make smarter decisions for my organisation. I’m so excited as I will be making an extra SGD$40,000 this year by using this platform. “


Sales and Marketing, Singapore

“We’ve doubled our sales team in 12 weeks! On top of that, it’s easier for me to pass down all our sales training to all our guys. The Sales Machine has helped us automate this entire process. Now we have improved retention, better training, and stellar sales! We’ve 3x our weekly sales in 90 days.”


Sales and Marketing, Car Industry, Singapore

“Before we started using The Sales Machine, we were doing at $80,000 a month in revenue. Now we are doing $160,000 a month. So it actually doubled up our revenue. We’re so excited!”



Everything you need to grow your business

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Training Management
  • Customer Support Management
  • Common Tools

Sales Management

A full-suite of functions allowing your sales teams to reach their sales objectives, control sales processes, close deals faster, boost sales performance, and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Marketing Management

A full-suite of functions allowing your marketing teams to promote, attract, keep, and grow your customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.

Training Management

A full-suite of functions allowing your organization to create, administer, document, track, report, automate, and deliver learning and development courses / programs.

Customer Support Management

A full-suite of functions allowing your organization to assist your customers in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product/service.

Common Tools

Functions and Features that help your organization in its day-to-day administrative tasks. Common tools include: Communications Tools – Call, SMS, Social Media Messaging, Instant Messaging Calendar Management Tasks Management Notes Management Related Items (Entities) Mangement Global Search

Seamless Integration

The Sales Machine works effortlessly with your existing tools

Helping your business grow
everyday, everyday, everyday.

Scalable, Fast, AND Flexible
Robust Infrastructure
Best Customer Service