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Reach up to 131% ROI when you get exclusive access to The Sales Machine

The Sales Machine has just announced its exclusive availability. This allows select early adopters to be one of the first clients to take advantage of its success-driven platform.

Through its soft launch, clients get access to The Sales Machine’s complete yet straightforward way to scale business. It comes with jam-packed features, which are crucial to realize your business goals faster.


John Rankins, a serial entrepreneur that generates multi-million dollar revenue for various companies, founded The Sales Machine. Rankins has identified the pain points of businesses, which no current platform can solve completely. This is where he thought of perfecting his platform, with a business success framework that he also developed.

After years of continuous research and development, The Sales Machine is now officially introduced in the market—with many expecting it to disrupt the industry through its all-in-one features integrated into its platform.


Did you know that there’s an alarming gap between teams within a company? In fact, 93% of staff don’t understand their business goals, while 85% of leaders don’t define expectations clearly. This shows that there’s no alignment between teams, preventing businesses from achieving their ultimate goal—which is to scale.

This is where The Sales Machine comes in.

The Sales Machine simplifies business success by providing companies with an integrated platform where they can boost revenue, improve marketing campaigns, and train and reward staff. This allows them to keep every team aligned with their goals while maximizing sales, increasing profitability, and delivering exceptional customer service.

In addition, unlike other business platforms available in the market, it enables organizations to get 100% more value through its complete features. It also offers impressive compatibility with other solutions that their clients currently use.

What clients say about The Sales Machine

As a quick background, two of its early adopters shared how The Sales Machine effectively boosted their growth.

“In just 1 month of implementing the system, my ROI has been a whopping 131%. My company’s revenue has grown 25% in just 1 month,” Dorie Macandangdang, Founder, RNT Enterprises, noted.

“We’ve gone from 20 sales people in our business to over 80 salespeople in just 6 weeks. In 90 days, we’ve made an increase of 90,000 pounds in profit,” Dale Gaucas, Partner, Eves Associates, shared.

Also, this exceptional growth showed how they experienced having more profit, leads, engagements, and opportunities with The Sales Machine.

Want to experience the same? Request a FREE demo with our team and discover how the platform can help your business scale in just a short amount of time.

Head to www.thesalesmachine.com to get started.