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The 3 Secrets to Mastering The Art of Closing Sales

Sales are the backbone of every successful business. If a product isn’t selling well, it won’t generate enough revenue to stay in business. . Whether you’re selling a product or service, having effective sales manners will help you closing sales and making more money along the way.

Here are some secrets you need to know to master the art of closing sales:

Speak with  Confidence 

Sales are all about trust & certainty

You have to convey value and necessity to an interested party, and it’s hard to do that if you speak nervously. You need to talk with your prospects with confidence and authority throughout.

Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Take an authoritative tone throughout the process, including when interacting with a gatekeeper, like an assistant before speaking to the prospect.

2. Make sure they know what you’re saying with some sense of urgency.

3. Don’t talk, sounding apologetic, like saying, “I’m so sorry to trouble you, but I’d really like to speak with you if you get the chance — no pressure if you can’t though.” Instead, you need to sound confident that they need you and that your products or services will add value to their business.

Make your sales process about them

Sales is not a numbers game. It’s a relationship game. And if you want to master the art of closing sales, you need to remember that, first and foremost: you’re not selling for yourself — you’re selling for your prospects. 

You need to sell with empathy. Think about how your product or service could solve your prospect’s challenges. You need to make them feel you’re not talking to them for profit. Instead, make them feel that you are genuinely curious about how you can help improve their lives or business.

More importantly, you need to prioritize building relationships with them. To make this possible, you need to give them advice, maintain contact, and provide alternatives, such as free trials, flexible payment terms, or more.

Equip your team with the right sales solution

Like a painter who needs the right brush, a salesperson also needs the right tool to perfect their sales process.

A sales solution shouldn’t be there to guard you. It should not overwhelm you with metrics that don’t really work or are not relevant to your sales process. This is why most salespeople don’t like using CRMs. They see CRM as a tracking tool for managers. In fact, 76% of sales leaders report that their team doesn’t use the majority of tools in their CRM.

This is where a SRM platform (Sales Relation Management) comes in.

Just like The Sales Machine, an SRM tool delivers real solutions to real sales problems. This helps salespeople close more sales by focusing on how they can better serve their customers or prospects.

Want to learn more about The Sales Machine? Visit www.thesalesmachine.com to discover how we can help you master the art of closing deals. You can also book a free demo at this link to get started.