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4 Signs Your CRM Is Not Good For You

Sales representatives are openly saying they hate using CRMs. But, of course, for managers, it’s not a simple decision to stop implementing their sales CRM. Oftentimes, they would have to run it by the board, or get it approved by a supervisor. But nevertheless, most sales CRM’s are just a glorified address book that does not help retain salespeople or drive sales.

So, how do you know if it’s the right business decision to get rid of your CRM? Here are the four signs you should consider. 

Dirty Data, Dirty CRM, Dirty Overall Process

Almost every aspect of a business is data-centric…this goes the same for your sales team. They need every information they have in a prospect to nurture them and eventually turn them into active customers.

However, a salesperson’s primary role is to sell, improve margins, and bring more money to your organization. It’s a pain in the ass to see them spending almost 5.9 hours per week manually logging data into CRM for a new report. Of course, they hate seeing themselves doing this instead of getting more sales. As a result, they just input data at their most convenient time, leading to missed and forgotten data points, or worse—inaccurate data.

Another thing is that many CRMs are difficult to use, pushing sales reps to log data randomly into sections they are not supposed to. 

This leads us to another sign.

Your CRM is too hard and complicated to use

If your business solution makes it more challenging to do your job, then it’s not for you.

A CRM should be able to provide you with features that will make your process more manageable and convenient. It shouldn’t slow you down. If anything, it should speed you up, and accelerate the time it takes to hit your targets! 

After all, if your CRM is hard to use, sales reps won’t use it. They might even revert to manually entering data into spreadsheets instead of automating their tasks. Hint: This affects retention and company morale.

It provides unclear value to your sales reps

Think about this: 79% of sales opportunity-related data is never logged into their CRMs. So why would you still need your CRM if that’s the case?

If your CRM has features you don’t ask for, don’t know how it works, and aren’t relevant to your team’s metrics, it won’t positively affect your sales performance. In fact, it might even appear harmful to sales reps who only see it purely as a management tracking tool to monitor them 24/7.

It costs you $$$ (and extra $$$ for add-on features)

Admit it. Many CRM providers promise to deliver sales growth and better operations with their solutions —but do you really experience it? Or was it BS? 

Have you spent too much money on your CRM and have invested a lot in add-on features but can’t still see significant  progress with  your team? If yes, then it’s time to dump your CRM.

CRMs should not have to cost an arm and a leg, pushing you to lay off some of your talents because you’ve wasted too many resources for a tool that won’t work as promised.

If you’re experiencing this, then see this as a sign to leave your CRM for an SRM—a Sales Relation Management solution, like The Sales Machine.

The Sales Machine is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and customer engagement platform that offers real solutions for real business problems. It empowers your sales team to meet their targets while ensuring that everyone in your organization (not only the Sales team but also those in other departments) is aligned with your sales goals.

In addition, it has full features and relevant metrics that your team will actually love, saving you hundreds of dollars, and empowering your team to be top producers!

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