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How good or bad do you do as a manager?

4 Signs Your Leadership is Getting Toxic

With Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing taking the workplace by storm, managers must be wary of their workplace getting toxic. In fact, in a recent report, only 24% of Americans thought their managers had their best interests at heart. In comparison, 75% of managers believed it was justifiable to fire someone who was only doing the bare minimum. Both clear signs of an unhealthy workplace.

So, how do you know if you’re becoming too bossy and tiring to work with?

Here are the four signs you should look for in your leadership:

Vacation Leave feels like a reward (it shouldn’t be)

American workers are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid vacation via the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Sounds impressive, isn’t it? But is this really applicable to your organization? Or do your people feel guilty every time they want to ask for a vacation/sick leave?

Vacation and sick leave is not a privilege. It’s your team’s right as an employee. So, if you are constantly asking your staff to “do more” before they can take a break, they might feel that you don’t value them.

You are not a machine. Same as your staff. To function well and do great at work, managers and staff should take a “time-out” to recompose themselves if they feel like they can no longer handle stress at work.

You ask too much from your people, but you don’t invest in them (still using Microsoft 2010?)

Some managers love bossing around. It’s fine as long as you’re confident that your people are well-equipped with tools tailored to their tasks. 

However, if you demand too much from your staff but don’t support them with the right platform to help them excel, they’ll start getting burned out. In a Gallup survey, 76% of employees admitted to job burnout symptoms. If not resolved, they might leave your company even if they are your top performers.

Growth opportunities are limited (when was the last time you trained them for a new skill?)

In the latest McKinsey & Company report, 41% of people who quit their jobs said they left their organization because of lack of career development/advancement.

So, now and then, it’s only right to reflect on whether people in your organization are still growing. After all, if your organization doesn’t provide staff with growth opportunities, there are many out there who will.

It’s a win-lose relationship (they only think about business)

Do your people feel unmotivated in their job? Are they unproductive? If yes, maybe they’re  just no longer happy with what they do.

In a report, happy employees are found to be as much as 20% more productive in the workplace than unhappy staff. But how do they become happy and satisfied at work? The study revealed that your company should maintain good health and wellness to make people lively at work.

So, don’t implement rules that will only benefit the business, as it will result in employees having lower morale and getting uninspired to go to work.

Experiencing all the signs?

It may be  time for you to have a business solution that will assist in managing your people!

As a manager, you must have a real-time update on your team’s performance. It’s crucial to be at the pulse of your team’s productivity. being constantly in their inbox and micromanaging is a symptom that you don’t have structures, systems and accountabilities in place. 

With a business platform, like The Sales Machine, you get a solution that provides you with an at a glance view of your team’s progress, failures, who needs support, what the bottlenecks are and most importantly, who’s accountable for specific goals & targets. With The Sales Machine Platform, you no longer have to be a micromanager. Instead, you can focus on empowering your team and building a stronger company culture that people love being a part of. Best part, it makes business no longer stressful but rather fun, easy and exciting.  

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