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Tools Every Sales Executive Should Have in 2023


That’s the thing every sales executive should focus on.

However, the most effective sales executives aren’t just revenue-driven. They must also know how to make the most of their time and improve client relations. But with sales on top of their mind, there must be various business tools to support them with all the tasks they need, making their job more bearable and automated.

Here are the top nine tools every sales executive should have:

1. Remote presentations/video conferencing tools

Being there with your prospects will make them feel valued, allowing you to build trust and relationships with them. So, the ability to touch base with your prospects and clients remotely is a crucial part of selling in today’s new normal. You must have a decent meeting with them whenever they need you—no matter where you are, eliminating the risk of losing opportunities, as 78% of the customers buy from the first brand to entertain their inquiries.

Video conferencing tools also enable you to do product demonstrations which is the most critical part in B2B selling as 58% of customers wants to have demos before making purchasing decisions.

2. Pipeline management tool

Visualizing your entire pipeline will help your team close as many deals as possible. With a good pipeline management tool, your team can see what opportunities they need to focus on, which are most likely to close, and what strategy they should take to sell.

A pipeline management tool will simplify admin tasks, forecast sales, and help identify weak points in your operations.

3. Quote and proposal creation tool

Sales executives should also automate creating quotes and proposals for prospects. This will be a game-changer, considering that it takes six weeks to finish a proposal. A real pain in the ass.

Imagine, in six weeks of not yet sending a proposal, your team might lose sales as someone faster might steal the deal from you. But, of course, no one wants that to happen, right?

If yes, then this brings us to the next one.

4. Contracting and e-signature tools

Imagine having a deal almost sold, but one signee is not physically present to sign it. Then, in a blink of an eye, your prospect decides to buy from your competitor because their business problem can no longer wait.

What. A. Mess. But as a sales executive, you can’t point fingers and blame the big boss for not having the time to sign the proposal.

This is where contracting and e-signature tools come in handy. These tools help you send contracts (back and forth), if both ends find areas for improvement. And aside from saving time, they also save money on printing and shipping costs, allowing your company to save more resources.

5. Sales forecasting software

Some CRMs offer sales forecasting features. But it sucks that no one wants to use it—not even your sales team. Sales forecasting tools can actually make your sales process more efficient. It can even provide tips on improving sales, using real-time and past data of your team.

6. Project management

A great way to improve team alignment is by implementing a project management tool that actually works. When choosing a tool, keep in mind that it must improve communications, make delegations easier, and can automate workflow.

7. Social Media, Email, and Calls management tool

If you think that it’s no longer part of your job because the Marketing team should handle this, then you’re wrong. Recent data showed that 93% of B2Bs use email for their sales strategy, while 57% of B2B salespeople plan to make more calls as part of their tactics to close deals

It’s also crucial to have a strong social media presence, boosting your brand awareness online.

8. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Wondering why you keep losing clients against competitors? No matter how good your products or services are, you’ll never beat the competition if your team has outdated selling skills and tactics.

You can support your team by providing training and online classes relevant to their roles with LMS tools. This ensures that your growing team has updated skills and is equipped with the newest trends for selling.

9. Gamification tool

One way to boost your team morale is by rewarding them…and there’s no more exciting way to do that than gamifying your sales process! In fact, as of now, 70% of 2,000 global companies use gamification to drive higher employee engagement, boost productivity, encourage healthy habits, and even reach their KPIs.

Feels like they’re gonna break the bank?

No, investing in the right tool doesn’t have to be expensive. To ensure that you can provide your sales team with all these tools, then find an all-in-one business solution that can offer them all.

Here enters The Sales Machine!

The Sales Machine is a business success platform that provides organizations with the full features to scale affordably & efficiently. It drives revenue and boosts sales performance by ensuring that your team has everything they need to do their role in your company.

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