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Automate your way to business success

Learn how companies use The Sales Machine to scale their business and improve retention and engagement.

"In just 1 month of implementing the system, my ROI has been a whopping 131%. My company revenue has grown 25% in just 1 month!"

The Sales Machine - Dorie Macadangdang
Dorie Macadangdang Founder, RNT Enterprises

“After using The Sales Machine for 12 weeks, our weekly average has gone from RM13,000 to RM45,000. On top of that, my team grew from 7 to 23 people!”

The Sales Machine - Tan Kin
Tan Kin Automotive Division Malaysia

“I wish I had The Sales Machine 10 years ago! After using this platform, I started to have a clear and focused direction for my company. Growing my business has never been easier & predictable.”

The Sales Machine - Muhammad Din
Muhammad Din Health & Leisure

“We’ve gone from 20 sales people in our business to over 80 sales people. In just 6 weeks. In 90 days, we’ve made an increase of 120,000 pounds in profit!”

The Sales Machine - Dale Gaucas
Dale Gaucas Owner, Eves Associates

“After implementing The Sales Machine, I am now on track to making an addition $500,000 in profits this year!”

The Sales Machine - Ryan Leo
Ryan Leo Country Head, Optimo SG

“If you want to scale your business and do it the right way, then you really need a powerful engine and proven system. No one does it better than The Sales Machine”

The Sales Machine - Helena Vernholm
Helena Vernholm Trainer, Coach and Leadership Consultant

“Before The Sales Machine, I struggled with average performance. But now, my people have become more efficient, I am happier, and most of all my sales grew 259% in 12 weeks!”

The Sales Machine - Aimy
Aimy Malaysia, Health Care Division

“It’s been a constant challenge for me to retain my sales team. After using The Sales Machine, I have better rewards & recognition system. As of today, my organisation just broke a RM45,000 weekly record!”

The Sales Machine - Lola
Lola Malaysia

“Before , I couldn’t keep track of the production on a constant basis. Now, I’m empowered to make smarter decisions. I’m so excited as I will be making an extra SGD$40,000 this year by using The Sales Machine. “

The Sales Machine - Ahmed
Ahmed Sales and Marketing, Singapore

“We’ve doubled our sales team in 12 weeks! On top of that, it’s easier for me to pass down all our sales training to all our guys. The Sales Machine has helped us automate this entire process. ”

The Sales Machine - Ahmed
Pradnesh Sales and Marketing Car Industry, Singapore