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Business Process Outsourcing

The BPO industry has an average of 30% to 45% turnover rate, which is twice the average 10% global turnover rate. An employee leaving your company costs your organization 1.5 to 2 times their salary—and other resources you can no longer bring back, like time spent looking for new candidates.

Do not let your investment go to waste. With The Sales Machine, you get an overview of your staff’s performance. This allows you to touch bases with them and provide for their needs at work. Our platform also lets you see which employees deserve recognition and rewards and those who need to attend the platform’s integrated training program to keep their skills up to date.

Real Estate

The Sales Machine is the most cost-efficient way to boost sales within the Real Estate Industry.

Usually loaded with back-office and sales tasks, real estate agents, brokers, builders, land developers, and other businesses within the real estate industry struggle to maintain and manage good communications with leads and clients. But with the help of The Sales Machine, staff can easily track vast amounts of data and sales and marketing metrics while focusing on their core responsibilities.

We also help stay organized, find properties, launch multiple marketing campaigns to boost sales, and reward those who have closed deals with clients.


Nearly 20% of insurance leaders use new-age technology to get value-added insight to compete more effectively.

Get 100% more value with The Sales Machine. Through our data-backed Solutions, insurance agents can easily handle a large amount of data, locate prospects, and convert them into actual customers faster.

Fast Moving
Consumer Goods

Almost 60% of consumer-goods sales leaders canceled sales promotions in 2020. Forget mainstream ads. Switch to online with The Sales Machine.

We help collect, organize, and manage all customer-related information to nurture them, streamline communication, enhance customer experience, and ensure conversion.

Direct Sales

Following up with clients is vital to close deals. In fact, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting, but 44% of sales representatives give up after just one call.

Ensure to never miss sales opportunities with The Sales Machine. Your customizable dashboard shows valuable opportunities for you, streamlines communications and the entire sales cycle, improves marketing strategy, and strategizes networking efforts to boost sales.


Marketing is essential for e-commerce. However, 26% of marketing budgets go to ineffective channels and strategies.

The Sales Machine is an all-in-one business success platform that also helps marketers adjust their campaigns to translate more sales through data-backed insights. We provide businesses with relevant and valuable information on their current customers and help develop effective strategies to convert more leads into actual buyers.

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