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Episode 1: Welcome to The Sales Machine Podcast

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Episode 36

Liz Wiseman: The Role of Service in Sales and Leadership

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Gloria Chou: Mastering the CPR Pitching Framework

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Mitch Matthews: Breaking into Corporate Coaching

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Victoria Hajjar: Driving Results through Niche Marketing

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Savage Marketer: AI Power for Business Growth

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Scott Ingram: Cracking the Code to Sales Success

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Episode 21 to 31

Older Episodes

Episode 1 to 20


Meet Your Host


John’s sales and training expertise has helped 2,000 salespeople to build their businesses over the last 30 years. In addition, he is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, empowering business owners to sell more through winning sales and marketing strategies. As a result, he has helped his clients generate over $100 million in revenue. Today, he has 4,000 full-time salespeople all across the globe, ranging from cosmetics to car care.


John’s mission is to revolutionize the way organizations scale and sell by automating the most challenging parts of it, which is the very core of the award-winning platform “The Sales Machine.”


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Les Evans

International Speaker & Executive Mentor

Clint Arthur

Celebrity Entrepreneur

Joel Bauer

The Mentor’s Mentor

Ryan Leo

Owner – Optimo Singapore

International Speaker



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