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Episode 1: Welcome to The Sales Machine Podcast

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Episode 37

Gloria Chou: Mastering the CPR Pitching Framework

Episode 36

Liz Wiseman: The Role of Service in Sales and Leadership

Episode 35

Victoria Hajjar: Driving Results through Niche Marketing

Episode 34

Mitch Matthews: Breaking into Corporate Coaching

Episode 33

Scott Ingram: Cracking the Code to Sales Success

Episode 32

Savage Marketer: AI Power for Business Growth

Episode 31

Matt Clark: From 0 to 1200 Clients: Rainmaker's AI-Powered LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

Episode 30

Dave Kurlan: How To Build A Strong Sales Culture

Episode 29

Joe Ingram: The Journey To Doing Billions In Automotive Sales

Episode 28

Hubspot's Secret Weapon: Disruptive Marketing That Works In 2024

Previous Episodes

Episode 2

Going Viral - Unlocking the Power of AI in Marketing with Jeff J. Hunter

Episode 3

Psychology of Sales: Reasons Why Customers Don't Buy with Dr. Alan Barnard

Episode 4

Market Invention Strategy with Adam Vasquez

Episode 5

Embrace AI and grow your business with James Skinner

Episode 6

Unlocking the Power of Sales Training with Blair Singer

Episode 7

Growing your company with a successful mindset with Vikas Malkani

Episode 8

The Power of Influence in Growing Businesses with Matt Brown

Episode 9

How to Improve Sales Performance with Steve Benson

Episode 10

The Power of Celebrity Marketing in Sales with Clint Arthur

Episode 11

Scaling Businesses through Video Content Marketing

Episode 12

The Impact of Business Leverage with Joris Spanhoff

Episode 13

How to Grow Your Social Media Following with Zach Benson

Episode 14

What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Do In 2024 | Melinda Emerson

Episode 15

No BS Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Game with Jeffrey Gitomer

Episode 16

The Truth Bombs About Sales Training with John Barrows

Episode 17

The Young Entrepreneur: How Swish Consults Fortune 500 Companies Through Surf

Episode 18

Transperfect Founder: How I Built A $1.1 Billion Dollar Business From My Dorm Room

Episode 19

The Sellers' Journey: How To Crush it in B2B Sales 2024

Episode 20

Six Figure Sales Secrets: How Most Salespeople Sabotage Themselves and How To Stop It!

Episode 21

How To Build Resilient Sales Teams in 2024

Episode 22

Skaled Founder: How To Implement A Sales Process To Drive Success

Episode 23

Mark Joyner: The Power of Integration Marketing and Learning from the Greats In Business

Episode 24

The Retail Doctor: How To Grow Your Retail Business

Episode 25

Dan Fantasia: Best Advice For Recruiting Top Producers In Sales

Episode 26

GAP Selling Author: The Traits of Great Salespeople

Episode 27

The Luxus Group Founder: How He Built A Luxury Real Estate Sales Machine

Meet Your Host


John’s sales and training expertise has helped 2,000 salespeople to build their businesses over the last 30 years. In addition, he is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, empowering business owners to sell more through winning sales and marketing strategies. As a result, he has helped his clients generate over $100 million in revenue. Today, he has 4,000 full-time salespeople all across the globe, ranging from cosmetics to car care.


John’s mission is to revolutionize the way organizations scale and sell by automating the most challenging parts of it, which is the very core of the award-winning platform “The Sales Machine.”


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Les Evans

International Speaker & Executive Mentor

Clint Arthur

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Joel Bauer

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Ryan Leo

Owner – Optimo Singapore

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