Quiet Quitting Explained: What You Need to Know

Quiet Quitting has been making a buzz online, with Gen Zs sharing their work experiences through social media. Although their posts are often funny, they still make on-point examples on various organizational issues. These include having the proper work-life balance, getting recognition at work, receiving a salary increase, and more. However, although this young workforce […]

5 ways to grow (and fail) a billion-dollar startup business

Everyone starting a business knows that 90% of startups fail within the first years of their operation, but only some of them understand why. While most startup business might have innovative ideas and profitable products and services that could revolutionize the market, only a few succeeded because of their correct operational execution. Theranos, for example, […]

How operational excellence turns business goals into reality

Operational excellence is easier said than done. All startups implement a business strategy to expand and quickly impact their industry. But no big players learn the easy way. Decision-makers should know that unique and innovative strategies are just a blank paper if they cannot perfect their operational execution. And without this, a startup is bound […]

Strategic Alignment: Why it’s crucial for business success

Organizations follow a supposed winning strategy to dominate their market. However, while 85% of businesses know their implemented system, only 10% of them successfully execute it.  This might result in business fallout, like a financial crisis. After all, without a coherent overall strategy, a team has no road map to follow when running daily operations. […]